2023 Nonprofit Statistics

# of nonprofits that received donations: 546
Average donors per organization: 28
New donors: 6,660 (self-selected by donor)
486 organizations received at least one new online donor
Average new donors per organization: 12

41% of organizations set a monetary goal
Average goal amount: $22,048
41% reached their goals

Cost of Fundraising
Donors covered fees for 91.7% of gifts, and 88.4% of the total fees
Effective Rate: .61%
This is the ‘true’ cost to fundraise online. It cost an org $0.61 for every $100 raised on the giving day.
Donation Realization Rate: 99.39%. This is how much each organization ‘took home’ on average.
How much did each org actually pay (on average) in fees: $23.45
Divide fees NOT covered by number of orgs who raised donations online

Peer-to-Peer fundraising (P2P)
Individuals that created their own giving page to encourage their family and friends to give to a nonprofit.
24% (139) organizations used P2P
Total raised through P2P feature: $445,405
Total donors that came through P2P feature: 4,340
Total number of P2P who raised money: 629 (of 916 signed up)
Average # of P2P per organization: 4.5 raised (6.6 signed up)
Accounts for 12.7% of all donations received during 401Gives
Average amount raised by organizations with P2P = $14,751
Average amount raised by organizations without P2P = $3,575
4.13x’s more!

Matches and Challenges
7.4% (43) organizations featured a match/challenge
66 opportunities, $401,326 available
89% successful, $387,284 depleted
Average amount raised by organizations with matches/challenges = $25,006
Average amount raised by organizations without matches/challenges = $4,294
5.8x’s more!