Nonprofit Partnership Agreement

As an organization choosing to participate and collaborate as a benefiting partner 401Gives requires that you enter into this Partnership Agreement which sets forth the services and duties provided by 401Gives and roles and responsibilities of all participants.

  1. I confirm that my organization is a 501(c)3, is in good standing with the IRS and will provide our EIN number for verification.

  2. Organizations that are not a 501c3, but operate under a 501c3 fiscal sponsor, may participate by providing a letter from the fiscal sponsor documenting the relationship.

  3. The nonprofit has a current active status with the Rhode Island Comptroller.

  4. The nonprofit has filed its most recent IRS 990 form or e-postcard, as required by law.

  5. Private Foundations, other supporting organizations, places of worship, individuals, and disqualified supporting organizations are not eligible to participate.

  6. I confirm that my organization provides services or has headquarters in Rhode Island.

  7. I understand that my organization is encouraged to focus the majority of its overall marketing efforts in the days immediately leading up to 401Gives to the campaign to create a sense of statewide excitement among donors, volunteers, media partners and fellow nonprofits.

  8. I agree I am responsible for promotion of the event to all stakeholders. This includes advance outreach to generate enthusiasm & build awareness, and usage of all social media channels on and around April 1, 2020 to drive our communities to the website.

  9. I agree to not contact state-wide press outlets for 401Gives coverage. 401Gives has partnerships with all major media outlets in TV, Radio, Print, and online and coordinates coverage, promotion, and interviews.

  10. I understand that if asked to participate in any interviews with local newspaper, TV or radio that I speak on behalf of all nonprofits participating in 401Gives.

  11. I acknowledge that 401Gives has the right to use images that are uploaded to profiles and photos posted on social media with the hashtag #401Gives for marketing purposes. The organization will be credited when appropriate and possible.

  12. I agree to publicize the nonprofit organization’s participation with 401Gives in all appropriate outlets such as the nonprofit organization’s annual report, website, newsletters, and email communications, and to use the official 401Gives logos (including derivations of) when doing so. 401Gives grants you a revocable, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to use its logos solely for such purpose.

  13. I confirm that if my organization has a website or Facebook page or other social media that we will add the 401Gives link to one or both.

  14. I understand that my organization's staff, board of directors, volunteers, and donors should promote 401Gives over the course of the 24 hour event using social media.

  15. I understand that only donations made through the 401Gives portal will count towards any prizes and incentives offered as part of the 24 hour event.

  16. I understand that 401Gives is not responsible for the amount of money contributed to my organization over the course of the event and understand that donors choose where to place their gifts and that 401Gives has no control of this process.

  17. I agree that 401Gives is a vehicle to allow individuals to make new donations to nonprofits on their own initiative and that it is not intended as a vehicle to facilitate gifts that the nonprofit organization has solicited through other means. (Example: payment of event sponsorships or pledge payments.) Each gift processed through is 100% tax deductible. No goods or services are exchanged for gifts, dinners, or as payment for “quid pro quo” items.

  18. I agree to uphold nonprofit ethics and the spirit of the philanthropy to support the entire nonprofit sector in Rhode Island and will not attempt to circumvent the rules & prize guidelines or undermine the campaign and other participating organizations.

  19. I understand that 401Gives is a movement and relies on one single call to action for all donors to visit the webpage for the purposes of aggregating all participation data in real time. Nonprofits may not drive donors to alternate locations to participate in the campaign (i.e: cannot invite donors to visit your website directly to make a donation).

  20. I understand that my organization will receive all the monies that have been donated to my organization less any transaction fees not covered by the individual donor.

  21. I understand that is an online platform which will safely process all contributions made to the event.

  22. I understand that all donations will be disbursed within 5 business days via electronic funds transfer minus transaction fees.

  23. I understand to receive donations it is my organization's responsibility to provide a checking account that is eligible to receive ACH transfers from GiveGab's payment processor, Stripe. In the case that the bank account we supplied is unable to receive the transfer, and GiveGab has not heard from our organization in over 30 days, the donations will be refunded back to the donor.

  24. While 401Gives strives to provide its participants with the best possible experience, please note that 401Gives relies on a third party platform (GiveGab) to administer and facilitate its online giving platform and, therefore, disclaims any warranties, implied or express, related to the functionality of that platform. By entering into this Nonprofit Participation Agreement, you understand and agree that 401Gives & UWRI are in no way responsible for malfunctions in that platform including, but not limited to, service interruptions, lost data, donation accounting errors, or software malfunctions, and, therefore, you agree to assume these risks and hold 401Gives and UWRI harmless for any such incidents.