Community Leaders for 401Gives

Community Leaders are seen as partners for the 401Gives efforts. They are business, networking and media "hubs" or connectors in their region or within their service community. We are relying on community leaders to help spread the word about this statewide giving campaign, raising the visibility of our great state's nonprofit sector.

Benefits of Being a Community Leader for 401Gives:

  • Increased Exposure to Regional, Statewide & National Audiences
  • Logo & Listing on Main 401Gives Pages as “Community Leader”
  • Helping to promote philanthropy and service throughout the Rhode Island community
  • Ready-to-Use Communications Toolkit to help you promote the day out to your members or outreach channels
  • Free Educational Resources for Your Key Constituents
  • Creative Ideas to Get More Involved and to Network with other Leaders in the community
  • Opportunities to Coordinate Special Incentives/Events for Your Constituents

Expectations of a Community Leader:

Community Leaders should see their involvement as a way to take part in a community focused giving day for the greater good. At a minimum we ask that Community Leaders send one communication per month solely on the 401Gives initiative (we provide you with the copy, tweets, posts and more) to your constituents. This includes email, tweets, or other social media shares. Beyond the minimum, here are some other ways you can help out:

  • General awareness and outreach
  • Press releases
  • Sponsorship of prizes (cash, in-kind, goods) that can be given away to nonprofit organizations during the day
  • Other creatively branded outreach goods or swag

Sign Up to Be a Network Leader

For more information on how you can be a Community Leader and to make sure you are recognized on the website, please contact Jenn Remmes at